I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane

I know I haven’t posted recently but I have very good excuses! 😀

First off, as I said previously my Si-chiak & Si-chim where here.  They were able to stay at the newly renovated Jack’s Suite (err…room).  They were pretty much out everyday and they returned to the States last Saturday.   Guess that wasn’t a good excuse.

Secondly I’ve been busy trying to find and organize my stuff, which really has no place to go now.  I’m really feeling the impact of have no room and no storage. *sigh* Oh well.  I’ve been obviously sending hints to my parents and brothers about my storage problem.  I recently told them that I don’t care if I don’t have a bedroom as long as a have a walk-in-storage room.  After all I can just bum in their rooms 😀

Lastly, I’ve been busy lately preparing to leave for the States.  I’m leaving tomorrow and will be there for a month or so.  Yay!  So I’ve been preparing my work and turning it over temporarily to my brother’s PA.  I’m making some instructions (with pictures! :D) right now just incase she didn’t get everything that I dumped on her.  I love making little instruction manuals with lotsa printscreens.  Yes I’m weird.  Anywho I’ve been so busy preparing work stuff that I haven’t even started packing or at least staging the things I need to bring.  I haven’t even organized my Ipod and the music I want to bring with me.  But I have somewhat prepared my flash drive for the trip with all my crafting templates, instructions, recipies and others. 😀

So finally (I say finally because I’ve been doing a lotta stuff while typing this post) the renovation pics! *drumroll*


Okay so my before pics are really start of renovation pics.  So I forgot to take pictures before we started messing with the room.  Sorry, I’m only human.

Now for the Afters 😀



Of course the room has to get approved by the boss 😉

Well this post might be my last post for awhile.  Unless I can find a connection when I get to the States 😀

Oh yea its my birthday tomorrow! Yay! Happy Birthday to me! 😀


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Roomless, Storageless and in the Foyer

Done with the renovations.  And we finished at around 1 am on Sunday.  The Sunday my Si-Chiak & Si-Chim (chinese for aunt, thats married to Si-Chiak…Did that make sense?) arrived.  They arrived at 5 am by the way.  Man talk about finishing right on time…well actually we aren’t totally finished since we pretty much stuffed all our stuff into Jeremy’s room since Si-Chiak is staying in Jack’s room.  So when they leave we got lotsa cleaning to do.  I’m gunna end up with lots of stuff that has nowhere to go since I not only gave up my room but also my two tables that had a significant amount of stuff ( ok there was lotsa junk too).  Did I mention that my closet is now in the foyer?  Well it is.  *sigh* It’s weird having my closet in the foyer…It feels like my clothes are hanging outside.  LOL. Oh well nothing I can do about it for the moment.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures of the rooms…I kind of didn’t have time to take a picture before Si-Chiak came and I don’t wanna barge in and snap photos.  So I’ll post them when I can take some pictures.

Though I don’t have pictures of the rooms I do have hundreds of pictures of my cute and cuddly chihuahua, Whisper.  Just so you know Whisper is the wrong kind of name for a dog that barks like a chi, not very whispery at all. 😀  These are when he was still a pup (he’s about 1 1/2 years old now) When he was still a pup he would sleep almost everywhere like


bags (his bag)…

in our FOLDED comforter (he wiggled his way in)…ok so he isn’t sleeping in this picture but he was sleeping! :p

next to my monitor…

When he was sleeping in better places he was in adorable positions like this…

Man I can just hug and cuddle this dog to bits.  When I first got Whisper my dad didn’t want another dog in our house (We had around 8 at that time).   But in the end he became Whispers biggest fan. 😀

Well thats all for today..:D

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Update over at Deviantart

I’ve never mentioned it but I have a DA account.  The links always been in the Link section.  Anywho I’m currently in the process of uploading some old work to DA.

Here’s a sample of the stuff I’m uploading:

If you’re curious about my other uploads or ya don’t have anything better to do just click on over to my DA account. 😀

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Oh yeah..

I forgot to mention that I found some Japanese craft books in National Bookstore in SM North Edsa.  I was like “Ah! Japanese craft books!”. Good thing it was early and there weren’t any people around or else I’m sure I would’ve gotten some stares.  Too bad I can’t read Japanese since all the instructions are in Japanese. Booo…oh well I’ll probably still get one since there are lots of pretty pictures

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Progress Report

Its been more than a week since we started renovated Jeremy’s & Jack’s rooms and we still have a week before our deadline of August 31.  It looks like we’ll be finished in time…well I hope we will.  As I said last time we had to redo all the electrical wiring and moved almost all the outlets and switches in the rooms.

We also had to patch the walls that we didn’t cover with drywall.  The walls in this building are all badly plastered.  Actually its pretty hard to find good plasterers here in the Philippines.  We’ve finished moving the door and adding a wall to Jeremy’s room. (this is the same view as here )

This is the progress of Jack’s accent wall.  The wall is made from individual moldings made of EPS (expanded polystyrene shapes).  The moldings we make and sell are made from expanded polystyrene coated with a special kind of cementitous coating called Decobond.

Right now the rooms are being painted and on Wednesday the flooring is coming in. I can’t wait to see the finished rooms 😀

As I promised here is the picture of the finished bag along with some random flowers that aren’t attached.

Just realized that this picture isn’t all that clear.  Sorry ’bout that.  Right now I’m crochetting some slippers for my brother.  Haha hope it comes out wearable.  I’m also trying ot make a bag with a flat bottom based on this tut on laughingpurplegoldfish’s blog

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The building that we are renting is a warehouse, office, and a house.  The first, third and fourth floors are the warehouse areas that house our stocks of imported construction products.  The first and third floors are the office areas.  The second floor is where we currently live.  The area of the second floor isn’t as big as the other floors since it has an area thats a mezzanine.  Living in the same building that you work in has its pros and its cons. 


  • You don’t have to wake up early to go to work
  • You save on gas and time since you don’t have to commute to work
  • You can still cook lunch
  • If you forgot something at home or at work you can get it easily


  • You’re in the same building basically 24/7
  • You might have work even after work hours and on weekends or holidays
  • If you’re sick people at work might bother you
  • Some of your home supplies end up in the office…especially scissors

The thing that really bugs me is that I’m in the same building 24/7 but the pros out weigh it since I really enjoy those things.

Right now we are renovating my two bros’ bedrooms so our house looks like we are half moving out and half moving in.  There are clothes and boxes from my brothers’ rooms all over the house and even outside in the stairway. 

On the left is Jeremy’s (my dihia) room and on the right is Jack’s (my sahia) room.  We are re-covering most of the walls with drywall (gypsum board) because the walls in this building are all horribly plastered.  We are trying to get it all done before the end of the month, when my Si-chiak comes.

Heres a short Chinese(Hookien Dialect) lesson: Ahia = eldest brother; Dihia = second eldest brother;  Sahia = third eldest brother; Si-Chiak = Si – fourth/ four, Chiak – uncle that is the younger brother of my father.    

On a yummier note,  I made some cooks from this recipe.  I added 2 eggs instead of 1 though, which made it a little too dense. 

But it was perfect eaten with milk or warm with some ice cream.  Jeremy said that it tasted like black forest cake when he ate it with strawberry ice cream.   Isn’t black forest made with cherries though?  Weird. 

I finished the crochetted bag I posted last time.  I’ll post a picture of it next time 😀

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Embroidery, Crochet & Gelato

My mom found her embroidery hoop and floss a few days before I was planning on buying them.  What luck I have! 😀 So I’ve been practicing some of the embroidery stitches in Doodle-Stitching by Aimee Ray.  Its a great book for beginners and it has fantastic projects too.  I was just practicing without any design in mind and this is what came out

I haven’t tried all the stitches yet so I’ll probably be adding more to this.

Other than embroidery I’ve been crocheting again.  I haven’t crocheted in years.  I decided to try and make a bag.  Its very simple since my knowledge in crochet is very basic.

Its supposed to be for a friend, its her birthday party today.  I haven’t finished it yet and I wasn’t able to go to her party. 😦  Sorry Paula!!

We went to Amici, the Tomas Morato one, for dinner.  Amici is a Italian canteen style restaurant that was originally located at Don Bosco in Makati.  The place was originally owned by Don Bosco and there was a priest from Italy who was the main chef.  The priest returned to Italy a year or to ago and now its owned by Jollibee, or that’s what I’ve heard.  The pizza is cooked with a wood-burning oven and reminds me of Grimaldi’s in New York. 

The place is pretty much self service.  You order from the counter and get your own table, utensils, plates, cups, water, and condiments.   We ordered a pizza with percuitto, spinach fusili, and there seafood spagetti.  There pizza and pasta are always good good good!  The spinach fusili was especially good. 😀  After the delicious food we had delicious gelato.  They have very good gelato too! The four of us shared an a scoop of ube (taro)

 and chocolate flavors. 

Doesn’t it look delicious? In the past I’ve had their sansrival, mango jubilee, blueberry, strawberry, and vanilla.  All of them are good but I’d have to say that the sansrival and mango jubilee are the best. 😀

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