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At PSID you can start the first year (Basic) at the start of any term.  Their terms last three months, so Jan – Mar,  Apr – Jun , July – Sept, and Oct – Dec are the terms that they have.   Since the Basic year is like that you can essentially take any subject during any term as long as it doesn’t have any pre-requisites.   The second year (Advanced) on the other hand only starts during the July – Sept term, which means that some people will have a break of 1-3 terms befor the start of Advanced.  If they take full load all the way through that is.

I started my first term of the Basic in January with a full load of 4 classes: Elements and Principles of Design(EPD), Mechanical Drawing I, Freehand I, and Color Theory.

EPD is a fun and creative class.  We have a lecture for the first half and a plate in the second half.  When doing your plates you can use almost anything to get your message across.  So its kinda like an arts and craft class :D.  For our first plate we had to make name tags,  I made and embroidered a small pillow :D.

Here are some of the things I made…

 The first three are the only ones we were allowed to draw

this became this…

For the others we were not allowed to use pencil drawings.  We were encouraged to use anything and everything

This was a pain to cut…but I like the outcome 😀


As you can see I use a lot of paper and not much else… When I did try to use other materials I kind of felt unsatisfied with my plate, like these..

as you can see these is far from inspired…I found it hard to use anything and everything..^^;

 My muses obviously favor paper and pencil…and maybe some needle and thread 😀

Thats just a sample of what we did in EPD, since I’ve decided to hide away some plates where my muses abandoned me. :p

I think I’ll post about my adventures in Freehand with Mr. G…

Till then 😀


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A Design Student’s Life

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