A Design Student’s Life

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Okay I have no idea what to name this series on what I’ve been up to while I’ve been MIA over on the blog front.  I was thinking Design Student Daily– but I probably wont update daily.  So if you have any idea for a title please tell me 😀

Anywho, I figure I should start off with the tools of the trade, there’s quite a few

  1. Triangles – used to draw vertical and angled lines (45°  is the clear one and a 60° – 30° the orange)
  2. Sharpener – that red thing, special sharpener for Clutch pencils (#7)
  3. Scales – metric (left) and english (right)
  4. Erasers – clay (the gray blob), a white, and a click (for fine erasing)
  5. Masking Tape – I use painters tape since its more tacky but not as sticky as the normal masking tape (if that makse any sense at all)
  6. Blade/Cutter – sharpening normal pencils and cutting paper
  7. Clutch Pencils –  basically a mechanical pencil with normal pencil sized lead, hence #2. You basically need only 3.  1 for 2H/3H/4H,  1 for H and 1 for HB.
  8. Ink Pens –  the essentials are 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5  but I gave up on my cloggy 0.1 and have replaced it with 0.2.  Clean regularly
  9. Ink – to refill your ink pens, yes you refill the manually. 
  10. Circular Template – for drawing circles and arcs
  11. Compass – to draw bigger circles and arcs
  12. Pencil Pointer – sharpener for the lead of normal pencils(blue thing next to it). Basically a bunch of medium grade sand paper stapled to a piece of wood.  Using normal sharpeners not allowed 😦
  13. Drafting Table/Board – for drafting and drawing. for some reasons it is hard to find good drafting tables here in the Philippines, lucky for me my dad has a few lying around 😉
  14. T-square/Straight Edge(that green thing) – for drawing horizontal lines.  A T-square is basically a T shaped piece of wood (sometimes wood and plastic) with the long part of the T on your table and the bottom of the short part butted against your table so that you create a horizontal line on your surface.  A straght edge is basically a T square screwed to your table.  (did all that make sense?)
  15. Brush – not really important but it helps to brush away all the eraser shavings. 😀

At the start of the first term I had stocked up on normal wood pencils but by the 4-5 week of class I had bought myself some clutch pencils.  Why?  Cause sharpening normal pencils in class was a pain and messy.

Well I leave it at this for today.  I still haven’t started on my Plates for Friday. Gah Plates are a pain but I love doing them…


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