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November 19, 2008 at 2:36 pm Leave a comment

So I was thinking that when I get married I wanna get married to someone who is wealthy enough to support me and the 4-5 kids that we’ll have.  Yes, I want around 4-5 kids :D.  I’ll be like a work at home mom with some kind of business that can be managed from home ’cause I want to be able to stay at home with the kids.  Since I’ll be working from home he has to be the main breadwinner or If the guy has his own business I would help him with it and all, as long as I can spend plenty of time with the kids I’d be okay.  I even want to have a vegetable garden and craft room where the kids and I can garden and craft.

Maybe I can have this craft business, like sell craft stuff online or something, since there aren’t any craft supply stores over here.  I could even sell finished handmade stuff if I have the time to make them.   I’ve even been thinking about names for the business and what kind of stuff I’d sell.

I’ve been thinking about this kind of stuff for the last few months.  I’ve even been looking at baby stuff.   I really should find a boyfriend before I start thinking about all this.  Am I crazy to be thinking about all this stuff? Maybe a tinsy bit…right?

Just so ya know this post is really how my brain thinks…in jumbled fragmented sentences and run-on sentences.  I don’t feel like organizing my thoughts today :p


oh yeah..I’m gunna take-up interior design.  I enroll on Monday at PSID!  Yay me!


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