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At PSID you can start the first year (Basic) at the start of any term.  Their terms last three months, so Jan – Mar,  Apr – Jun , July – Sept, and Oct – Dec are the terms that they have.   Since the Basic year is like that you can essentially take any subject during any term as long as it doesn’t have any pre-requisites.   The second year (Advanced) on the other hand only starts during the July – Sept term, which means that some people will have a break of 1-3 terms befor the start of Advanced.  If they take full load all the way through that is.

I started my first term of the Basic in January with a full load of 4 classes: Elements and Principles of Design(EPD), Mechanical Drawing I, Freehand I, and Color Theory.

EPD is a fun and creative class.  We have a lecture for the first half and a plate in the second half.  When doing your plates you can use almost anything to get your message across.  So its kinda like an arts and craft class :D.  For our first plate we had to make name tags,  I made and embroidered a small pillow :D.

Here are some of the things I made…

 The first three are the only ones we were allowed to draw

this became this…

For the others we were not allowed to use pencil drawings.  We were encouraged to use anything and everything

This was a pain to cut…but I like the outcome 😀


As you can see I use a lot of paper and not much else… When I did try to use other materials I kind of felt unsatisfied with my plate, like these..

as you can see these is far from inspired…I found it hard to use anything and everything..^^;

 My muses obviously favor paper and pencil…and maybe some needle and thread 😀

Thats just a sample of what we did in EPD, since I’ve decided to hide away some plates where my muses abandoned me. :p

I think I’ll post about my adventures in Freehand with Mr. G…

Till then 😀


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A Design Student’s Life

Okay I have no idea what to name this series on what I’ve been up to while I’ve been MIA over on the blog front.  I was thinking Design Student Daily– but I probably wont update daily.  So if you have any idea for a title please tell me 😀

Anywho, I figure I should start off with the tools of the trade, there’s quite a few

  1. Triangles – used to draw vertical and angled lines (45°  is the clear one and a 60° – 30° the orange)
  2. Sharpener – that red thing, special sharpener for Clutch pencils (#7)
  3. Scales – metric (left) and english (right)
  4. Erasers – clay (the gray blob), a white, and a click (for fine erasing)
  5. Masking Tape – I use painters tape since its more tacky but not as sticky as the normal masking tape (if that makse any sense at all)
  6. Blade/Cutter – sharpening normal pencils and cutting paper
  7. Clutch Pencils –  basically a mechanical pencil with normal pencil sized lead, hence #2. You basically need only 3.  1 for 2H/3H/4H,  1 for H and 1 for HB.
  8. Ink Pens –  the essentials are 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5  but I gave up on my cloggy 0.1 and have replaced it with 0.2.  Clean regularly
  9. Ink – to refill your ink pens, yes you refill the manually. 
  10. Circular Template – for drawing circles and arcs
  11. Compass – to draw bigger circles and arcs
  12. Pencil Pointer – sharpener for the lead of normal pencils(blue thing next to it). Basically a bunch of medium grade sand paper stapled to a piece of wood.  Using normal sharpeners not allowed 😦
  13. Drafting Table/Board – for drafting and drawing. for some reasons it is hard to find good drafting tables here in the Philippines, lucky for me my dad has a few lying around 😉
  14. T-square/Straight Edge(that green thing) – for drawing horizontal lines.  A T-square is basically a T shaped piece of wood (sometimes wood and plastic) with the long part of the T on your table and the bottom of the short part butted against your table so that you create a horizontal line on your surface.  A straght edge is basically a T square screwed to your table.  (did all that make sense?)
  15. Brush – not really important but it helps to brush away all the eraser shavings. 😀

At the start of the first term I had stocked up on normal wood pencils but by the 4-5 week of class I had bought myself some clutch pencils.  Why?  Cause sharpening normal pencils in class was a pain and messy.

Well I leave it at this for today.  I still haven’t started on my Plates for Friday. Gah Plates are a pain but I love doing them…

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Half a year already?!

I honestly can’t believe its been half a year since I’ve last updated. Okay so its been more than half…

Anywhoo after reading Jack’s blog I’ve decided to do a series of posts about what I’ve been up to these last 7 months. And its a lot. I have taken pictures of most of my work from the first term which I will upload today while doing homework and work work.

So if my homework and work work doesn’t hold me up I should post again today…. I hope


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Yes its been weeks since I last updated. But I have a good reason (excuse lol). I’ve been busy with school. Yes I’ve gone back to school! Yay for me! And I’m still working (which is getting slightly neglected).

I’m taking some Interior Design classes at the Philippine School of Interior Design. 😀 The classes are fun but they will be the death of my right hand (I’m blaming my freehand class). The classes at PSID are accelerated so one term is only 3 months but we’ll be learning the amount of one semester. I have classes Mon-Thurs 9-12 am, which is good since I’m more focused in the morning. Bad for my work since by the afternoon I’m pooped out (lets just say I have a pile of filing to do T.T

Anywho I should go back to work.

Oh yea I lost my internet connection at the office so I might not be able to update that much…But Ill try! 😀

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On December 10 we got ourselves a chocolate lab!! He is the most adorable and annoying little pup ever (I had to give him my slippers so he wouldn’t chew on my feet!)  He is growing so fast too!!  He turned  2 months on the 20th. 😀  Oh his name is Milo! 😀

Early this month we began suspecting that our beagle was pregnant.  Pregnant not with beagle pups but with Cheagles.  Yes Chihuahua Beagle pups.  *Sigh* I don’t even wanna know how Whisper (my chi) could get Maxine(beagle) pregnant.  Anywho this morning we woke up to a very sad surprise.  Maxine had given birth but the pup was stillborn.  It was so heart wrenching to see her lick and clean her pup.  She wouldn’t even let us take her stillborn pup.  It was hours before she would let us take him.  And since it had been hours we began to think that she had only one pup.  But 4 hours later Maxine began to go into labor again. 😀  And she gave birth to a healthy pup!  We are waiting to see if she has anymore in her 😀

I’ll keep you updated 😀

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Rambling Thoughts

So I was thinking that when I get married I wanna get married to someone who is wealthy enough to support me and the 4-5 kids that we’ll have.  Yes, I want around 4-5 kids :D.  I’ll be like a work at home mom with some kind of business that can be managed from home ’cause I want to be able to stay at home with the kids.  Since I’ll be working from home he has to be the main breadwinner or If the guy has his own business I would help him with it and all, as long as I can spend plenty of time with the kids I’d be okay.  I even want to have a vegetable garden and craft room where the kids and I can garden and craft.

Maybe I can have this craft business, like sell craft stuff online or something, since there aren’t any craft supply stores over here.  I could even sell finished handmade stuff if I have the time to make them.   I’ve even been thinking about names for the business and what kind of stuff I’d sell.

I’ve been thinking about this kind of stuff for the last few months.  I’ve even been looking at baby stuff.   I really should find a boyfriend before I start thinking about all this.  Am I crazy to be thinking about all this stuff? Maybe a tinsy bit…right?

Just so ya know this post is really how my brain thinks…in jumbled fragmented sentences and run-on sentences.  I don’t feel like organizing my thoughts today :p


oh yeah..I’m gunna take-up interior design.  I enroll on Monday at PSID!  Yay me!

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So I got back early last Friday, October 31st.  Yes it took me one whole week before I was able to get posting again.   That’s not to say that I didn’t try to post earlier.  I honestly did but it seems that my internet connection is against me still. *Sigh*  I even had this post all typed up already, but I wasn’t able to save it before I got disconnected.  Oh well.

Anywho as I was saying, I got back early on Friday.  Really early.  As in 3:50 AM early.  That’s an hour earlier than our estimated arrival, not that arriving early made the flight seem less long.  It was a long 13 hours, thank goodness I was able to sleep for most of the flight.  My parents were lucky enought to get a free upgrade to business class.  The airline wanted to fit as many people on the flight as possible so they upgraded some people to business to free up space on economy, which they quickly filled up.  I wasn’t as lucky as my parents, although my flight was paid by my dad’s mileage, I wasn’t upgraded and was stuck in those tiny economy seats.  It was one packed flight, which made space all the more limited.  It was an interesting flight nonetheless since someone’s kid was crawling and rolling around, which can’t be that healthy with how dirty airplane floors are.  I kept waiting for the mom to scold her kid but it never came.  Even when we arrived he was crawling and rolling on the floor outside and all the mother did was laugh.  I don’t know about you guys but for me that just seems so wrong.  What if that kid got hit by someone pushing one of those carts?  I hope that kids okay.

Since I’ve gotten back I’ve been trying to read up on all the blog posts I’ve missed.  It took me around two days to catch up on SouleMama, one of my favorite blogs to read.  I love the daily stories about her family and her life.  Her life may seem so normal but its so extraordinary as well.  I wish I could live like her someday.  You should all hop over and check out her blog 😀 ….Oh and she has great photos!

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